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in particular hard-hit with hail and floods. the weather proved fatal for two men from texas. here's more. >> reporter: the swift thunderstorms surprised the players and onlookers. they took refuge under a tree. that proved to be a fatal mistake. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off and i looked to my left. and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree, go all the way down into this person on the ground. >> reporter: the lightning bold struck three people. >> one of them, he was breathing, then two of them stopped breathing. one they got to. they got him alive. >> reporter: one man died instantly, another died at the hospital, and a third person is in stable condition. sudden thunderstorms also wreaked havoc in other parts of the country. racing waters stunned drivers in washington state and brought traffic to a crawl. in arizona, a street vanished under the rushing water, and with mud rushing down the street, drivers got caught in the middle of it. and there's more severe weather on the horizon. a new heat wave is hitting the country, making already-severe drought co
. >> a warmer planet means we have a greater likelihood of being unlucky. the chances of texas seeing another drought. colorado seeing another epic year of wildfires. all of these things become far more likely. >> reporter: it is also getting hotter at sea. in 2011, the second smallest area of ice on record. and over the last century sea levels have risen by 10 inches. at this pace by 2050, parts of cities like miami and new or leans will be underwater. and forecasters say the is possible the heat wave we just had is just the first one of the summer. there its another mass of warm air out west ready to roll this way. rob and sunny. >> sobering news, thank you, scott. >>> the intense summer heat is taking a toll on fish from the midwest down to the south. thousand of trout, carp and other fish have died as the hot weather heats up ponds and lakes and fish hatcheries like this one in north carolina. hatchery workers are scrambling to keep the water code. there is not much they can do. when temperatures get this high. >> terrible. >> unbelievable. that map is telling, miami, new orleans, cities
now" -- lack of sleep. that's what experts say caused a pilot's meltdown over texas mid flight. >>> why this raises new questions about flight crew fatigue and everyone's safety in the skies. it is wednesday, july 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good wednesday morning, i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> and i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. and people are asking did a lack of sleep really make that pilot lose it in the middle of the flight? we all remember this story, he really did kind of have an episode. now saying it is sleep deprivation what led to it. >> it's possible. >> possible -- very interesting story. there is some doubt there as well. >>> also this morning, cities in crisis. coast to coast, the drastic steps in cities that have simply run out of money. talk about a sign of the times. entire cities declaring bankruptcy. shows you how tough it is out there for various parts of the country. east to west coast. >>> and coming up, face to face with a giant alligator. we hear from a teenager who survived an attack bu
agonizing 16-hour delay. an emergency landing in texas forced passengers to sleep on airport floors and basically fend for themselves. as abc's alex michaelson reports, there was a medical emergency on board that triggered the incident. >> reporter: a trip many of these people took to the disney world did not come with a fairy tale ending. the stranded passengers started on up nighted flight from orlando, bound for lax, passenger ice rtinez, an icu nurse, responded when the crew asked for medical personnel on board. >> what i was about to face, a man, diabetic patient, passenger, completely unresponsive, just in the back of the plane. >> reporter: a come of ski patrol officers then performed cpr they say for about 30 minutes. >> we were hoping for the best. just do what you are trained to do. >> reporter: the plane made an emergency landing in midland, texas where the man was rushed to the hospital. >> the pilot said he was dead. then the next morning, they said that he was still alive and just in intensive care at the hospital. >> reporter: passengers say they were told there were
destroyed. >>> in texas, lightning strikes killed two men near a soccer field. the victims were among a group playing sock where a storm came up. they took shelter under a tree. one of the men was killed immediately. he was found with a large hole in his heel where that lightning struck. >> then i heard what sounded like a bomb go off. i looked to my left. and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree, go all the way down to this person on the ground. >> there was three of them. one of them, he was breathing. then two of them stopped breathing. but one, they got to him. they got him alive. on was killed by aago another lightning bolt. 13 people have died in the u.s. this year from lightning strikes. >>> the drought gripping much of the nation's farmland means less food for those who need it most. food banks are running short of local fresh produce. private and commercial gardeners usually donate their extra crops but not this year. >> a lot of those farmers who would like to be able to do that just don't have the extra product. they either don't have from it the get-go
morning america" as well. >>> we're following a developing story from south texas on this monday morning. at least 11 people have died after their truck veered off the highway and slammed into two large trees. another 12 were injured in the accident. it all happened last night in a rural area just about 70 miles outside of corpus christi. the driver was ejected. but apparently survived. border patrol agents were sent to the scene to see if the victims had entered the country. >>> penn state can expect tough penalties for turning a blind eye to child sex abuse allegations. the ncaa will detail the punishment this morning, a day after the university carted away a statue of legendary head coach joe paterno. more from david kerley. >> reporter: behind a blue tarp of shame, the statue of paterno, who built powerhouse penn state, covered in plastic and hauled away as the university deals with the stain of scandal. >> we are letting the haters run the university. >> to a lot of people it symbolizes the wrong things. >> reporter: that's what the new university president said, that leaving the st
around the ohio valley. upper midwest and dakotas. thunderstorms in the southwest. showers from texas to florida. >>> 90s for miami up to beantown and across the plains. 80s from billings to detroit. 70s in seattle. >>> a great spot to get some relief from the scorching summer temperatures is a greenland glacier. of course. right? that's what i would think of. >> of course, naturally. beware now, tourists getting a close-up look. yeah, suddenly in the path of a raging ball of water when this glacier collapsed. putting his pedal to the metal and high tailing out of the way. >> got to get the oars out and start rowing. good thing. that iceberg was twice the size of manhattan, for those of you that don't know the size of manhattan or think the world revolves around manhattan, it is a large island. >> what about that midwest bias coming out in that ad-lib. >> just because i live in new york doesn't mean i think the world revolves around new york. >> that is a healthy attitude. >> now back to my dress. that will be the commercial break. >> yeah. coming up. fond remembrances of a trail blaz
no one was hurt. >>> also mother nature caused quite a scare at the texas rangers game in suburban dallas last night. a flash of lightning and ultraloud clap of thunder came so close to the ballpark they sent the rangers running for cover. at the top of the 4th. the umpires were among the first to scurry off the field. the weather delay lasted just about 45 minutes. they need a thunder buddy like "ted." you haven't seen the movie. that joke is lost on you. >> wait. back there. totally over my head. i would look to see it. >> well you may not like it. it is a little. >> raunchy? >> very raunchy in parts. >> for my angelic aura. >> take a look. >> chicago has been hit extremely hard. 18 deaths in the past week. that already matches or surpasses the number of the entire heat related deaths from last summer. we are not halfway through july. >> the first time in decades they had three days, 100-plus-degree weather. since 1947. that's insane. you think chicago, you think brutal winters not summers. >> actually the summers can be really, really hot. >> whew. proof of that. >>> here is a look at
news for city. in terms of other cities growing quickly as well -- boston, plano, texas, denver, raleigh north carolina, top five. good news for new orleans, keep on coming back. >> great city there. been there twice. loved it. >> big easy, nothing like it. >> food is great. >> yes. >> there is a physiological explanation for men and women out there, after you have your relations, men physiologically want to fall asleep. >> grandma. when you have relations. >> scientists -- they scanned men's brains before and during an orgasm. >> this brain. >> that brain, not the other one. the thinking area shuts down. they say men do need to sleep after sex because it is designed to switch off at that point a companied by a surge of chemicals which could have a powerful sleep inducing effect. for women it is the opposite. which is why, women want more. and guys are like i need to go to bed. you have an excuse now, men. >> thank god. i need a little sandwich, nap, see you in a couple hours. later. >> and don't talk so much, right? >> shh. and there is a french guy, crazy stunt people, somethi
truck crash in south texas. as the accident claimed yet another life. a 15th victim died. eight passengers are still in the hospital after the sunday crash. investigators say the -- rather, sorry about that, the right front tire the pickup truck came apart. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed illegal immigrants who just crossed into texas. >>> reaction is coming in to a legal landmark in the city of philadelphia. a high-ranking roman catholic church official was sentenced for his role in covering up sex abuse charges against priests. as abc's linsey davis reports, the judge delivered not just the sentence, but also a devastating rebuke. >> reporter: monsignor william lynn, the first official in the catholic church convicted of a crime for shielding priests known to be predators, will have to pay a three to six years penance behind bars. >> he locked in a vault the names of men that he knew had abused children. he now will be locked away for a fraction of the time he kept that secret vault. >> reporter: lynn of the official in the fiscalia archdiocese -- in the phila
$87 billion. across america little graduates from texas to little abby in georgia, and these kids with their eye on summer break. school is out. while they should be doing this, retailers want them in the store shopping with their parents. school supplies on the shelves and on sale at the staples where the back to school season began june 10th. >> very early for school shopping, yes. they have them in the stores already. we are not ready for that yet. >> reporter: toys "r" us touting the biggest ever backpack sale. experts say get used to it. after a sales slump in april and may, retoirls are going after back-to-school shoppers earlier than ever. >> if the retailers don't make it this summer, this year, they may be out of business next year or the following year. >> reporter: why, national incomes are down 7%. consumers are spending less. the one saving grace for retailers -- >> retailers are going after it. people will spend for their children where they won't spend for themselves. >> reporter: among the biggest savings, cotton down 50%. clothes and accessories discounted, as wel
severe storms today from chicago to louisville and pittsburgh. thunderstorms from the texas gulf coast to florida and up to philly. showers in northern california and oregon. also heating up in the plains. >> upper 90s in dallas, kansas city and colorado springs. 80s from the twin cities to new york. 106 in phoenix. 78 in seattle. my son heard the thunder. he's like, mommy, fireworks. >> that's what it sounded like. >> not really. it did. it was loud. >>> let the good times roll on this next one. mark your calendars because there's only 199 days until my saints play in the super bowl, and better yet in the superdome in the city of new orleans. >> it won't happen. >> it will happen. redemption will be ours. >> that is called wishful thinking. >> please, please. >> and they are already getting ready with some serious road improvements on the french quarter's main streets. can i have my highlighter back? >> no. >> the contractor is promising to have the entire $11 million face-lift done by december. >> now if the saints can somehow avoid another loss in the divisional playoffs, the 49ers
. severe weather from south texas to florida and up to philly. thunderstorms in the four corners of the southwest. >> 90s in the rockies, plains and southeast. 80s from the upper midwest to the northeast. >>> so we know that call me maybe, that omni present song by carly ray gibson is the song of the summer. everyone getting in on the act. >> the cookie monster has his version. and so did these folks. ♪ don't ask me i'll never tell i look to you ♪ >> u.s. troops in kandahar, afghanistan -- >> great story, too. the whole production was done in an hour. the uso photographer and his cheerleader friend choreographed it. pretty good stuff. man you know that song has gone global when the military is making their own version. >> choreography, too. >> wow. yes, indeed. america's bravest. >> nothing more attractive than a man in uniform singing "call me baby." >>> coming up, why mike tyson took his career from the ring now to the stage. >> and protecting airline passengers from lightning. it happens much more often than you actually might think. you're watching "world news now." >> an
, texas. >> certainly understand, 75% of the country, very, very dry right now. you understand why states are saying don't do the fireworks. leave it to the pros. don't do the, for all the folks who want to set them off for parties. looking at pictures what it could potentially lead to. particularly because the as we said conditions are so dry. colorado being an example, 600 homes destroyed and the fire 70% contained. a lot of progress. still miles to go. >> doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fireworks. leave tight professionals. don't do it at home on your own. >> go to your city sanctioned show, at the river, enjoy that. limit it this year. for a few second of fun out could be a tragedy. >> exactly. well, louisiana, some say the effects of the huge gulf coast oil spill are still being felt two years later. shrimpers are seeing their worst catches since nearly 5 million barrels of crude oil sfued inspo the gulf. a biologist says other parts of the eco system has recovered. interestingly enough, lobster fishermen in maine are having the opposite problem. there is a glut of lobster there, th
into odessa, texas. bowman lost both of his legs in a military training accident back in 1994. after landing he got changed and talked to a local rotary club about overcoming fiphysical challenges. >> he remind everyone that they can excel in society and as well as the the military no matter what comes their way. one more story of inspiration, encouraging us to plow through tough times. >> he had to do convincing to let the, for the military to let him do it too. a man of his word. >>> coming up next we'll take you inside an intensive care unit for babies fighting an unthinkable fight. >> later, here is a money making proposition. who is making a living cuddling with perfect strangers? you are watching "world news now." >> i just want to be held. ♪ stay with me >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ughhh. trash builds up and can make your dishwasher smell. over time, grease and residue get stuck inside. for an intensive clean, use finish dishwasher cleaner. it's taking out the trash for your dishwasher. >>> welcome back, everyone. this is a
, and texas for all of you air sex experts out there mimicking how you get your groove on on stage. >> did you see the woman laying down, looking at her watch? >> i hate that. that's -- weave avenue all been there, that's never good. no breakfast. >> next. >> ha-ha. >> this is out of "the new york daily news." handbags that have a special compartment for a bottle of wine. i really appreciate this. right. specially if you have sort of that twist bottle, twist top. put it in there. like byob but in style. some of the bags are kind of ex-pensive, $1,300. see how beautiful it looks. but you can also buy a clutch, like a wine bottle picnic tote $295. clutch wine purse, $40. >> do you really need a wine department in your purse? for today's alcoholing inic on. >> yes, you need that. >> okay, betty ford. thank you for your, tomorrow is a holiday. why don't you get one and bring tight work. share with the staff. it will not go to waste with the crew here. a new mexico woman was arrested and spent a night in jail for not returning the book, twilight in a two dvd set back to the library on time. actual
with killing 13 people at fort hood in texas three years ago. another dark moment in this country. he did appear in court yesterday with the beard that he sported at a hearing last s month. it is in violation of army rules, but he claims it is an expression of his muslim faith. >>> penn state trustees now admit things could have been ape lot worse for the university's football program. the school is now confirming that it faced the threat of a four-year ban on football. that so-called death penalty has not been used against a school since back in 1987. the trustees say penn state's punishment was unfortunate, but certainly better than the alternative. >>> federal agents are going to review two deadly police shootings in southern california. the shootings have sparked four days of often violent protests in the los angeles suburb of anaheim. the mother of one of the victims pleaded yesterday for violence to end saying it is not going to bring her son back. >>> it was a frightening ordeal for four window washers on the vegas strip. the workers were stranded outside the 35th floor of the vedo
, around memphis and little rock, new orleans and most of texas. thunderstorms and flooding downpours in the four corners of the southwest. >> 90s from sacramento to billings. triple digits in phoenix. 80s from new mexico to michigan and maine. >>> well, you may remember that lifeguard we told you about in south florida, we talked about this last week, the one who was fired after saving some one's life. >> yes, the 21 year owed, thomas lopez was the toast of the beach yesterday as he received the key to the city. he was also called a hero by the tourist from estonia who he pulled to safety. >> lopez if you remember was fired because he went outside his designated area to save the guy. he was offered his job back, but turned the offer down saying, now he needs to focus on the bigger picture. i think that is just deserts for that guy. he saved a life. and losing your job for saving a life. >> high is very handsome. the bigger picture, i see commercials, acting, reality shows, i see, sort of that baywatch type thing. very attractive. >> slow motion running down the beach. everything just
't know what is out there. a whole lot of monkey business in a texas courtroom yesterday. the woman showed up with her two monkeys at a hearing to prove that they actually belong to her. the cute pint-sized primates dressed in polka-dots for their day. >> another woman claimed owner shuch t of the monkeys. she didn't show up. so the two monkeys returned home with their owner all. what is she pushing them in? >> stroller/cage thing. cute little fellows. again they're not, you know, debate whether you should have pets like that. we'll continue that. 21 states ban keeping primates as the pets. not texas. keko and daisy are fine. coming up, how some olympic athletes were born to win. >> what was the sound effect again? the feud dividing michael jackson's family and what the courts have to say about it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ got to be starting something until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you w
to see how the teachers and coaches are acting. >> a texas mom use aid cell phone camera to do just that. now she is in trouble. here is abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: she is a mom, a principal, a former school board member, and she's also an accused felon. prosecutors allege wendy long used her 17-year-old daughter to plant a cell phone camera in the girls' locker room of this texas high school. they say she did tight record how her daughter's new basketball coach spoke to players. long's girls complained he yelled too much. long is hardly the first parent to go undercover to find out what is happening at their child's school. >> knock it off! >> reporter: earlier this year the father of this autistic boy in new jersey put a recording device in his son's pocket and caught a teacher saying this -- >> you're going to get nothing until your mouth is shut. shut your mouth. >> reporter: the mother of an alabama boy attached a recorder to her child's wheelchair and caught his teacher saying this. >> i do not want to touch your drool. you understand that? >> reporter: prosecutors say the lates
of july feast. >> if that sounds good to you amarillo, texas, was the place to be. the world's largest traveling smoker and grill. check it out. all 17,000 pounds of it. the driver of the rig is from amarillo but takes it all over the country to cater special events. imagine all the barbecue? >> i am grateful for our hot dog stand here this morning to celebrate the 4th. i am a huge barbecue fan, some ribs, some burgers. >> little pulled pork. >> love that dirty swine. we don't have all that here, but we have the commissioner of the hot dog stand. jack is back in the house. >> i am a little busy. our old friend from march madness competition joins us. >> we were out of money for the budget. >> that is just about right. just about right. >> okay. >> business picked up over here. >> they're good. >> yeah. we have a new wiener. don't we have a new wiener here? you had moves you wanted to show us? >> i like that! >> somebody, a little edgy for this show. that's all i'm saying. >> i'm going to call the emmy committee. >> somebody call. dancing over there. oh, lord have mercy. >>
. thunderstorms across much of the south from texas to florida. showers around chicago, des moines and the twin cities. flooding downpours in the four corners of the southwest. >>> warming up in the pacific northwest. 85 in portland. triple digits in phoenix. 90s from dallas to atlanta. mostly 80s from omaha over to new york. >>> and now to another major story this morning. six americans, service members, have been killed in a particularly violent day in eastern afghanistan. 16 civilians and five afghan policemen were also killed sunday. civilians included women and children. and secretary of state hillary clinton announced that nations have pledged $16 billion in civilian aid for afghanistan. but for the first time there is a string attached to the afghan government must reduce corruption to receive all that money. clinton also talked about the uprising in syria saying the regime's days are numbered. >>> a battle could be looming between president obama and lawmakers over tax cuts. later today the president will call for a one-year extension of the bush tax cuts for individuals making less tha
. >>> here is your tuesday forecast, monsoon storms, from albuquerque to denver. thunderstorms across texas, the deep south, florida. scattered showers, d.c., to the carolinas and st. louis up to des moines. >>> mostly 80s from the western plains to the northeast. 90s in the rockies and from dallas to atlanta, 112 in phoenix. >>> here is some proof that the energizer bunny isn't only thing that just keeps going and going and going. so does the 1966 volvo sports coup that belongs to irvan gordon of long island, new york. >> gordon and his beloved volvo are closing in on the 3 million mile mark. yes, i read that right. 3 million mile mark. he only has about 34,000 miles to go. he expects to surpass that milestone sometime next year. >> that's incredible. this may be the best part though. gordon bought the car for $4,150. and i think it is fair to say he got his money's worth. >> isn't that something? >> 3 million. are you kidding me? >> yes. i have a volvo. and i have about 73,000 miles on it. i thought i was doing pretty well. i am going to drive it into the ground. >> that is proof of the o
of the south, texas, carolinas, south to florida. strong storms over the dakotas. mostly sunny to dry in the northeast. >> still blistering hot. triple digits in phoenix and boise. 80s from the great lakes into the northeast. cooler than normal, hid to high 80s from new orleans into florida. >>> well those pampered thoroughbred horses in kentucky have absolutely nothing on some cows in oregon. can you moo for me? >> moo! >> wow, that's really good. those cows are laying on -- or standing on waterbeds. yes, waterbeds. >> unbelievable. seriously though. they say it makes the cows healthier by reducing stress on their knees and on their hips as well. also they cut down on sores. >> huh, sores. uh, that sounds appetizing. >> bet a burger, huh? >> the beds are also said to balance the temperatures in the cow's stalls and workers say they're a lot easier to clean than areas that don't have waterbeds. >> the cows are living better than we are. >> i'm in the mood for a burger. right now. and chocolate milk. >> nice life, bessie. keep rolling, girl. >> it really is. they're living the high lif
times, summer in the city. that is what it is. >>> and a little later, spying at school. yep, the texas mom who recorded what was going on in her daughter's locker room. what she saw and why she is the person now in trouble. ell. lot of debate on that one >> never sounds like a good idea. >> no in the locker room -- anyway.pdeming >>> first, three years after that air france plane crashed into the atlantic ocean, a new report is now offering some answers. nd irltigators point to human >> reporter: the report finally answered what happened to air france flight 447, a fatal combination of mechanical failure and human error. 3 1/2 hours into the fateful flight the captain takes a scheduled break. the two co-pilots are suddenly in charge. the airbus a-330 heading into a thunderstorm. suddenly the plane's sensors that read air speed fail. they have iced up. abc's elizabeth vargas went to an a-330 flight simulator to re-create what happened next. >> the autopilot disconnects. >> the autopilot disconnects. [ beeping ] >> there is a warning. the aircraft is now in my control. >> reporter: now
and water deliveries. in texas they're chilling out in cooling centers. >> helps me a lot i won't be out there all sweaty and wondering where i am going to lay my head or what is going to happen to me. >> reporter: out west the big concern continues to be wildfires. firefighters quickly put out this raging brushfire in palmdale, north of los angeles. and there is word the most destructive fire in colorado's history its finally contained. zoos across the country are also taking extra precautions in these hot and dry conditions. >> went to see the lions earlier they had gone back in to the inside it was so warm. >> reporter: between the ice blocks, sprinklers and shade, it appears everyone is trying to find a way to beat the heat. some people are also working in these conditions. and this heat wave is expected to continue from the big apple to washington, d.c. and chicago through the week. brandi hitt, abc news, new york. >> a special shout out to folks in suburban d.c. a lot of public fireworks displays got canceled last night. no power. people aren't in the mood to celebrate trying to cl
's a downside to our big brother society but that is a big upside. >>> a grandma from north texas says that tsa agents crossed the line when she passed their security at love field. melinda deaton has a medical condition when forces her to wear a gastric tube. she says agents pulled her aside for a pat down behind a screen, not in a private room. her husband says she was humiliated and embarrassed. >> i was mad. this is over the top. it's too much. people do not have to go through this kind of touch. >> i want everybody to be treated better. i want this system to work better. >> they say agents threw away melinda's special attitufood, an she complained, they retrieved it from the trash. it's a soft food diet. when she objected they took it out of the trash and handed it to her. thanks for that, took it from the trash. >> we've heard so many horrible tsa stories. i don't know what to make of it personally but i think -- national security's a big issue, but some things, it's a commonsense matter, know what i mean? can we have a little bit of that at the gate? that's all. >>> thousands of frighten
. >>> investigators in texas are faced with the grim task of trying to identify the 14 people killed in a truck accident. the men, women and children, carried toothbrushes, toothpaste, changes of socks and underwear but no i.d. the truck crashed in southern texas. federal agents want to know if the victims were smuggled in from mexico. >>> a workman has admitted that he set fires that caused $400 million in damages to a navy submarine in dry dock at a maine ship yard. he told investigators that he suffers from anxiety and just wanted to get out of work early. so he admitted to using a cigarette lighter to set rags on fire. if convicted of arson he could be sent to prison for life. >> kind of a drastic step there, man. >> just wanted to get out of work early. there are other ways. >>> the search to find wreckage from amelia earhart's final flight turned up nothing. crews did collect video and sonar data on a remote part of the south park where it is believed earhart's plane went down in 1937. the plan is to identify data with hopes of finding her plane. they may have missed at first glance. if s
on the freeway was bumper high. the tempest and the high temperatures go together. in texas, lightning killed two spectators sitting under a tree at a soccer game. near phoenix, a summertime dust storm called a haboob. >> look at this massive haboob coming our way. and it's actually raining inside the dirt cloud. >> reporter: and now storms might be what the middle of the country can expect after this fourth heat wave of the summer passes. over the next three days, the oven-like conditions will move east laying a summer smackdown on everyone from washington, d.c., up to boston. by wednesday, forecasters say this latest heat wave will be finished and then here on the east coast, we can expect part two of the pattern -- storms fueled by all of that heat and humidity. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >>> and it was a bizarre scene in southeastern oregon right in the middle of a wildfire. a firefighter snapped this picture while battling a blaze over the weekend. it looks like a tornado but it's actually called a fire whirl which is a spinning mass of dust, debris and also hot embers as well. >>>
. 90s. southwest, rockies. triple digits in texas. >>> little doubt that one of the most memorable portions of friday's opening ceremony of the olympics was the part, queen elizabeth, james bond music, jumps out of the helicopter with james bond. >> really is cool. now we are learning more about the queen or should say the drag queen who pulled this off. there he is, dressed like the queen. he is 42-year-old veteran skydiver, gary connor, she's the leap into the games was the most memorable he has ever done. we saw the queen in the footage jumping with bond. you were seeing my boy right there. thought it was a clever, funny part of the 17-hour opening ceremonies. >> we would love to show it to you, since the olympics, occ, and network have primers. >> lots of rules with the footage. >> we may get fined. lose our jobs. you might like that actually. >> would mitt romney do anything differently in london after the controversial comments about the olympics? >> katie holmes reshapes her life without tom cruise, making big decisions about her family's future. do we see a mist year myster
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